Ultrasonic Antifouling System for Power and Sail Boats.                              To receive our monthly newsletter click onto Contact us button.                          Visit us on Facebook and Twitter

Ultrasonic Anti-fouling is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to using bottom paint that keeps boat hulls clean and free from marine growth.  Cleaning and applying anti-fouling paint is costly, time consuming and more importantly, is toxic and unfriendly to the environment. 



How it works::                                            

Our Ultrasonic System uses digital ultrasonic technology which emits sound waves ranging from 19.08 to 41.66kHz in 14 bands with 200ns steps.  When the control driver activates the ultrasonic transducers, which are attached to the inside of the hull, multiple bursts of ultrasonic energy is released simultaneously through these frequency ranges.  This energy produces a pattern of alternating positive and negative pressures.  

This alternating pattern creates microscopic bubbles during the periods of negative pressure and implodes them during the period of positive pressure i.e. cavitation.  The implosions create a micro-jet action which not only provides the cleaning effect on the hulls surface below the water line, but also resonates the hull which destroys organisms such as algae and makes it difficult for other such organisms to attach. 

By preventing algae growth on the hull, other marine crustaceans such as barnacles, mollusks, and limpets do not attach to the hull or running gear, as not only is their food chain non-existent, but the changing frequencies act to crustaceans as unwanted marine predators.

Although ultrasonic systems have been around for many years, they were analogue in nature and did not operate over the many frequencies outlined above. They were noisy and required relatively high power levels to operate (see our FAQ section).


  • Reduced fuel consumption and increased speed.
  • Can be installed in hulls made of aluminum, steel, fibreglass and also fibreglass foam sandwich construction (but not suitable for wood or ferro cement hulls).
  • Can be installed when the boat is in the water as the transducers are fitted to the inside of the hull.
  • Easy to install and only needs to be fitted once as it lasts for many years.
  • Never again, the annual routine of removing your boat from the water and performing the messy and costly task of hull preparation and applying toxic antifouling paint.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Can be fitted to different size boats i.e the Dual system for up to 45ft and the Quad system for up to 65ft.  Boats above 65ft can use multiple Dual and Quad systems.
  • All parts and components are supplied from Australia and proudly distributed by us to Canada and the USA.
  • Undergone research and testing in Australia and New Zealand and undergone testing at Okeover Inlet, near Desolation Sound, British Columbia, the worlds haven for boating and outdoor activities.